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Macheche Sewerline Replacement



Construction Management (2017-2018)

The project for Guam Waterworks Authority involved the replacement of approximately 4,500 linear feet of old Asbestos Cement Pipe (ACP) along the Macheche Road, to improve reliability of the sewer line that conveys wastewater from the Latte Heights area to the collection system along Route 1. It included:

  • Demolition work within the project area

  • Civil improvements

  • Paving and Drainage Improvements

University of Guam Hatchery



Assessment  |  Design  |  Repairs (2018)

Amorient investigated the root cause of the pump failures in the salt water pumping system at the University of Guam Hatchery, and recommend a remedy. The assessment involved:

  • Visual inspection of GPA overhead incoming distribution line

  • Thermal imaging survey of the electrical system

  • Power quality monitoring over 1 week

  • Detailed inspection of the electrical system

  • Engineering analysis and code review

  • Assessment of the mechanical installation

  • Development of 2 conceptual designs for the pumping system with cost estimates.

Amorient was subsequently tasked with managing electrical repairs.

Hardening of buildings at University of Guam



Grant Application  |  Design (2017)

Amorient was instrumental in the successful grant application in 2013 for a Pre-Disaster Mitigation assistance for two metal buildings on the campus of the University of Guam.


The buildings were surveyed and found to have inadequate reinforcement to withstand the requirements of a 170mph wind loading as required by local code. 

Amorient did a cost comparison between hardening methods of sheet metal siding versus concrete block, and an option to apply a new metal roof over the existing roof with insulation in between was also explored to minimize disruption to classroom schedules.


Amorient provided a detailed analysis of the existing structure and developed a design and technical package for Invitation for Bids (IFB).