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Waterline Leak Detection:


Amorient is an exclusive agent of Pure Technologies (a Xylem brand and leader in leak detection technology) in the region.


Navy waterlines were registering losses of 50% along Route 16. Amorient used a high-sensitivity inline acoustic leak detection device along with an LED light source and video camera, called SAHARA from Pure Technologies, to identify the leak locations. The tethered system is inserted into a live pipeline and the footage is viewed in real-time, enabling fast reporting. An above-ground operation tracks the position of the SAHARA sensor and marks the location of the leak. 

13,400 LF of the water main was inspected and three leaks were identified - one leak of approximately 200,000 gal/day. Seven undocumented bends were identified via CCTV. Amorient obtained all the required permits and performed the repairs.  Amorient also performed leak detection for Route 8.

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